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How To Sell Without That Icky Feeling (Guest Post by Mike Gastin)


Selling is hard and most don’t enjoy it. In this article, Mike Gastin shares his approach to selling that will turn sales into an enjoyable, ethical, and good experience for all parties. Selling or Root Canal? Let’s face it, it’s the rare person who enjoys selling. For most, whether selling or being sold to, we’re left with an icky feeling, like something bad just happened. But, here’s the thing. If you’re a freelancer, work for a non-profit, are an entrepreneur, or even if you’re a career professional, you need to sell. New clients, big donors, profitable projects, and plum positions don’t just fall in our laps—we have to sell to make them happen. In this article I’ll share my ethical and ick-free approach to sales. It’s allowed me to close tens of millions of dollars in deals with a clear conscience and the security that comes from [...]

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3 Mindset Shifts to Make When Approaching Social Media


A few simple mindset shifts can be the key to unlocking success for you or your brand on social media.   They may be challenging and require patience, but they are crucial in getting you out from beneath the shadows and to getting noticed.   #1 Shoot From the Brain and Not From the Hip. Average leaders dismiss social media as unimportant or an afterthought. But this couldn't be farther from the truth.   Social media is "the trenches" and quite literally a form of direct communication with your audience. Intentionality and care required. Shooting from the brain looks like being as strategic and intentional with your social media as you are other aspects with your business.    An “anything goes” mindset can lead to not being thoughtful and forget your purpose for being on social media in the first place. #2 Treat your followers with dignity and respect. [...]

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3 Books to Read if You’re Ready to Share Your Work


I have far too many books in my house. I grieve the day that we move, because that means taking all the books with me. Out of all of the books on my shelves, I picked 3 of them to take with me on our travels this summer. I’ve been extremely busy with client work, but  bothered by the fact that I've been relatively quite on social media about the work I do. Case in point: I would mention something about a project that I swore I had mentioned to my wife before, and she’d have no clue what I was talking about. I knew that I was at the point where I needed to (finally) begin sharing about the work I do with the world online. These are the 3 books – so if you’re ready to stop stuttering when asked about what you do and ready to [...]

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