3 Mindset Shifts to Make When Approaching Social Media


A few simple mindset shifts can be the key to unlocking success for you or your brand on social media.   They may be challenging and require patience, but they are crucial in getting you out from beneath the shadows and to getting noticed.   #1 Shoot From the Brain and Not From the Hip. Average leaders dismiss social media as unimportant or an afterthought. But this couldn't be farther from the truth.   Social media is "the trenches" and quite literally a form of direct communication with your audience. Intentionality and care required. Shooting from the brain looks like being as strategic and intentional with your social media as you are other aspects with your business.    An “anything goes” mindset can lead to not being thoughtful and forget your purpose for being on social media in the first place. #2 Treat your followers with dignity and respect. [...]