Resources and Recommendations

When considering your website, social media, and digital marketing, its common for organizations to get stuck on deciding what tools will best help them accomplish their goals. Listen, I don’t want you to spend valuable time comparing tools instead of using them to work for you. I definitely don’t want you to pick the wrong ones either!

Below are some of the the most trusted tools I use to help with managing an online presence. Note: some links are affiliate links, meaning I may receive a commission from purchases made through my website at no additional cost to you.


Every website I create is hosted with WPEngine, my #1 recommendation for managed WordPress hosting. 28% of all websites are powered by WordPress, and WPEngine is built specifically with this platform in mind. Each plan includes 3 environments per site, daily backups, and free CDN and SSL. (Pretty much all the tools to make your website fast and secure.) Don’t skimp out when it comes to building a reliable website for your visitors. I highly recommend using WPEngine for your website hosting.


Every organization need an email list provider. ConvertKit makes communicating with your subscribers easy, and is built for sending consistent valuable content to your audience. Segment subscribers based on their interest and level of engagement so they get the emails they want to receive. Don’t settle for an email service provider that isn’t going to grow with your business. ConvertKit charges you based on the size of your list, so you never have to worry about paying for the same subscriber twice.


G-Suite offers a suite of familiar and trusted services for companies and organizations that are looking for solutions for working together. It offers email, word processing, spreadsheets, shared calendars, cloud storage, and more. It’s affordable for every organization ($5/month/user for Basic and $10/month user for Business) and free for nonprofits. Use my promo code for 20% off the first year on either G Suite Basic plan (WADRQL9H47AYPDY) or G Suite Business plan (Y7E4AJFQKUGU4DR).


To be honest, I was a MESS before using Trello. When working on multiple projects at once and collaborating with teams, tasks and to-do’s tend to be all over the place. Trello has built a platform around managing tasks and projects that is customizable to how you and your team works. It has tremendously helped me and the teams I am a part of communicate better and get more done.